Hey You! This Charming Mum Is On The Move

Lady Pointing Saying Hey You

Things are changing at This Charming Mum

This Charming Mum has been my reading and writing play space for over 5 years and it’s been such a pleasure! But the times they are a’ changing and I’ve now opened a new little blog spaceĀ over at Charming Language. Have you seen it yet? I highly recommend it – go visit!

Charming Language is my new ‘business page’ to help grow my freelance writing work. You’ll also find plenty of book reviews and random rants about writing popping up there, because I would miss them far too much if I stopped.

This Charming Mum won’t disappear overnight, but new posts will be fewer and further between. If you’re a subscriber, I’d love you to visit Charming Language and sign up over there too. Let’s keep our charming community chatting!

Best wishes for your own big plans in 2017. As the great David Tennant might say, allons-y!


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